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Please any difference btw vit A cassava and TME419 cassava?? what are the advantages and disadvantages they have over themselves???

Difference: Vitamin A cassava is an improved variety cassava basically meant to increase Vitamin A consumption in the home since garri is consume most by all Economic class. It has less starch content and the garri is naturally yellow. while TME419 cassava is also an improved variety but the starch content is more that that of Vitamin A cassava. The garri is naturally white.

However, both variety do not have any advantage over the other because each of them is genetically engineered for different purpose. TME419 cassava cassava stem is improved to produce cassava tuber that is rich in starch content used as industrial raw material while Vitamin A cassava stem is improved basically to increase rate of consumption of Vitamin A in the Home

I will advise you plant an improved variety cassava stem however small the land may be. The advantages is enormous over the local okoiyawo. It true TME419 cassava tubers has high starch content which make the garri of low value. But you can reduce the starch content in your garri during processing and the end product garri will have low starch content( consult our eBook for detail)

Check the link below for detailed info on cassava cultivation and value chain


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