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If your plantation fruit is not this big?

If your plantain fruit I'd not this big, it will be as a result of the following:
1. You did not plant a hybrid Musa paradisiacal known ad Giant Elephant
2. If you are sure you planted hybrid and stil it coming out small, then You did not control weed at tender age and so the nutrient the sucker needed at tender to translate into big fruit was shared with weed

3. If you control weed and still the fruit are coming out small, then you did not apply fertilizer after 6weeks of planting. The sucker needs much of NPK to produce healthy levels and healthy fruits

4. If you apply fertilizer and still no difference, then you did not do a comprehensive soil test to ascertain the quantity of fertilizer to apply and which method of application is best base on your soil test result. The soil test kenfarm does comes out with a comprehensive report explaining all this. Are you aware that under application of fertilizer and over application of fertilizer causes problems to your crop??

5. If you did all these and no result still then consult kenfarm. We have had a situation where we have to buldoze a whole farmland and start the Rev establishment afresh which is usually after all Intervention had failed us.

If your plantation is 12months old and you have not start harvesting your fruit for not panick if you did the following:
1. You controlled weed as much as possible at tender
2. You applied two rounds of NPK
3. Your soil organic matter is above critical level
4. You did a soil test and it indicate your soil PH is OK for plantain cultivation.
5. Your soil is well drained
6. You bought a viable sucker like that sold by kenfarm

If you are able to keep all the above in check and your plantation has not start producing fruit, do not worry. I can assure you from experience that what is delaying the fruiting is the poor rain soon as the rain fall rate improve I bet you the fruit will all emerge agresively

However, if you did not keep all the above in check and your plantation is yet to fruit at 12months, I will advise you sort the expertise of a plantain plantation farmer like kenfarm asap

We help you correct your errors if it not too late. Otherwise am afraid the yield will surely be discouraging.

Farming is not rocket science....the measure you input is the measure the farm output

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