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Pls can u list crops that thrive in acidic and alkaline soils. H ow much does the soil analysis cost

Over the years of conducting soil analysis, we have noticed that Nigerian soil generally shows similar soil characteristics from region to region. meaning soil in the south west appear different in soil characteristics (especially soil PH) when compared with soil in South east. The soil PH is one factor that determines the yield of your crop. This is why it important you plant crop which strive better in alkaline soil in a soil with PH 7 above. Otherwise you need to ameliorate the soil by adjusting the PH of the soil to suit the crop. Now to your Question, if you need to get a general list of crop that strive in acidic and alkaline soil, I advice yu use google. But if you need me to tell you soil I have cultivated in alkaline and acidic soil practically, then the list is below. Alkaline soil loving crop: 1. Plantain 2. cucumber 3. pumpkin 4. Banana 5. Pawpaw Acidic soil loving crops: TREE CROP 1. Apple(red one) 2. Grapes 3. Orange 3. Pawpaw VEGETABLES 1. Cucumber 2. Tomatoes 3. Sweet corn CASH CROP Cassava Those crop appearing in both alkaline and acidic soil are those we have planted in both type of soil and they did just great in terms of good yield. kenfarm do not spread news she is yet to confirm. all the crops above have been cultivated for our client or managed for our client on the respective Soil PH. Before we plant any crop, we usually conduct a soil PH test to be sure we are putting a round peg in a round hole. As regards the cost of our analysis, yu can send us a mail via : kenfarm2020@gmail.com we send you a document showing the cost implication of testing your soil. Do include the size of your farm in your email. Cheers!!

Please what is your advice about the use of weed killing chemicals to control weeds in a plantain plantation. If good and acceptable, what is the best chemical and approach to use

http://www.nairaland.com/3763350/step-by-step-procedures-establishing-newly-acquired Thanks for the enquiry. Please copy and past the link above on your browser or click on it. It will direct you to my post on Nairaland explaining all the pre-planting and post planting operations including fertilizer application method and herbicide application method But let me just advise that it better you apply herbicide 7day ago before planting. Weed is our great enemy now. How well you can control weed will reflect in the growth pattern of the sucker. When the sucker is yet to sprout and the farm look taken over by weed. It more advisable to use hand weeding. If you must use herbicide, it must be a contact herbicide like Paraeforce which I use. Also, the herbicide must be applied with knapsack sprayer( how to use in in the post) by a professional. If carelessly applied on the farm with crop, if the chemical touch the crop leaf it will kill it I need to reiterate that u should never use systemic herbicide on a farm with crop but use contact herbicide like Paraeforce...thanks

Q: Are lands still available at your area(Ibadan Iseyin Rd)?

For now no land is available. Except I do my findings on this. Like I said I don�t usually go into land acquisition except if it from a reliable person I have known.

Q: Can’t the value of plantain be enhanced through processing ensuring one is fully shield from a price drop due to glut?

Sure you can enhance the value of your plantain through processing. This will probably involve you establishing your own plantain processing factory. Also, you may decide to sell your plantain Companies that uses plantain as raw materials for various packaged food. These companies even buy your plantain at a higher price compare to selling in dozen to wholesalers. Thus, how much profit you make from your plantain depends on how good you market your product

Q: I intend using wire fence. Have you any estimate on this? I also consider building a small farm house. The land is slightly more than hectare, it’s actually 16 plots. So, a little farm house won’t hurt or what do you think?

Wire fence is OK. I do not have estimate on how much it will cost. If the resources is available it a detailed idea building a small farm house

Q: I have made up my mind and I will be going with plantain. Can I have a very detailed quotation on the price for a hectare. Costing should include everything involved, From soil test, to clearing, planting, weeding, manure and fertilizer cost as well as the application, down to harvesting

We will send you a detailed Quotation document if you provide us with your email

Q: Is there any economics of scale to be enjoyed if one is planting more acres? Or is it all variable cost?

What make up the input includes 1. Cost of labour to work on the farm till harvest 2. Cost of fertilizing the soil till harvest 3. Cost of herbicide and pesticide application till harvest 4. Cost of paying farm keeper till harvest 5. Cost of harvesting 6. Cost of testing the soil fertility and ameliorating the soil If you are planting more acres, surely your input and output will increase. The more sucker you plant, the more cash you make

Q. What is the best method of applying NPK fertilizer?

Method of Applying NPk 1. Dig a hole of 5-7cm deep round the sucker to form a ring 2. Use a big matches box to take the NPK and pour into the dogged hole round the sucker. Ensure the NPK do not come in contact with the 3. Cover the hole with sand It is advisable you adopt the method above. Some farmers will say you do not have to cover the hole containing the NPK. And that you could just spread the NPK round the sucker and leave it to resolve into the soil. Kenfarm experimental farm has prove this method wrong. We recently use our experimental farm to confirm the below research Hypothesis: “surface application of NPK fertilizer to the soil increase Suckers growth rate much more than Burying the NPK in the soil” We added NPK by burying in the soil in some sucker and added NPK by just spreading round the sucker without burying. We then left the farm for 3weeks to allow the PNK to dissolve into the soil and used up by the plant. Observation: we observe that the sucker With buried NPK appear to grow more rapidly than the sucker the NPK was just spread round on top of the soil Conclusion: when you fail to bury the NPK, you are exposing the Nitrogen to heat which causes the Nitrogen to sublimate leaving only P and K to dissolve. The effect of the absence of Nitrogen(N) is seen in the delayed growth of the plantlet suckers.

Q: What is the specification for planting?

Specification for Planting If you are using a 2m by 2m spacing which is what I use often time, follow the steps: 1 use your measuring tape to measure 2m from a long stick and cut the stick into 2m 2 peg the length and Breath of the entire farm 3 Use the stick to measure out a 2m spacing between roll and within roll( each hole should be dogged at interval of 2m using the stick to measure) 4. Dig holes with digger. Each hole should be 20-30cm deep (very important) 5. Bury the sucker in the hole. Cover the hole first with the top soil then followed by the bottom soil. 6. Apply NPK

Q: What are necessary pre-planting and post planting operation?

1. Do your soil analysis (soil fertility test) 2. If the test indicates a high PH of above 7 and you intend planting plantain then no need for soil amelioration. But if the PH is 5-1 and you intend planting plantain then we need to ameliorate the soil. Plantain strive well in alkaline soil while cassava strive well in acidic soil 3. After soil treatment if necessary, you can then start post planting operations which includes: a) Ploughing the land or harrowing the land if cleared mechanically. If cleared manually, just go ahead and spray the farm with pesticide and herbicide b) After about 1weeks of applying herbicide/pesticide, till the soil if cleared manually(optional) c) Source for hybrid seed(from kenfarm) d) While negotiating for seed, if it plantain you intend to cultivate, after paying for the sucker and the suckers is in transit, start making holes base on specifications 4. Plant the suckers as soon as they arrive the farm 5. Apply NPK fertilizer (base on specification) after planting. The type of fertilizer to apply and the Qty to apply depends on the soil fertility test outcome 6. Continue to weed anytime the weed shows up either by hand weeding or killing weed with herbicide. 7. Apply compost manure(chicken Waste) after three months of first NPK application

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