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The benefit of knowing your farm soil CEC

Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) cmol/kg

CEC is a value that can be determined only when a soil test is conducted on your farm soil.
What is the usefulness of the value

Where the value is greater than one, it implies that all the cations in the soil will be released for the uptake of the crop. Where the value is less than one it means that all the cations are trap in the soil and will not be released to the crop for uptake�
Thus, the only way to increase the value of CEC is by knowing the soil PH and increasing the soil PH to acidic.

Kenfarm analysed a farm soil today and the test showed or indicated that the farm soil has a cation exchangeable capacity of 0.85cmol/kg. Agronomically, any soil indicating CEC value of greater than 1 indicate that the cations like K, Can, Mg and Na will be released adequately into the soil for the plant to take up. Hence, since your farm soil has a CEC value of 0.85 which is less than 1, it means the cations will not be released except fertilizer is added to the soil. When fertilizer is added to the soil adequately, then the CEC value will increase and so the cations will be available to the crop for uptake.

Google the importance of cations mention above to the crop and then you see reason to do a soil analysis on that farmland.

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