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Client Question: How profitable is Plantain farming? And how sustainable is it??

Kenfarm Response below:

I used one acre of my farm for experimental farm in January, 2017. I planted 1000suckers on the experimental farm in May 2017.. (check my thread/URL for steps followed to establish the farm)

By May - June 2018, I started harvesting my giant Elephant fruit. From June to November 2018 I was able to get out 300bunches. By December 2018 I made a head count of the total number of plantain stand left on the farm and I counted 1,900 stands
I sold 300 bunches for an average of #1,000 each, how much did I make from June to November?? Do the maths.

Mean while I still have 1,900 stand that will produce fruit from April 2019 to November 2019.

Note: Do not also forget I started with 1000 suckers, after first cycle I am having 1900 + plantain standing on the one acre experimental farm.

So if you do your home work well, buy the right sucker and consult adequately, your 1 acre plantation can keep producing 300bunches of plantain every May to November for at least 7yrs.

... So do the maths, in 7yrs how much will you have made from your one acre plantation?

300bunches X 7yrs. = 2.1million for one acre (running cost inclusive though)
What of if you have 10acres?

Note: Whether or not your plantain farm will be sustainable depends on whether or not you purchase your sucker from the appropriate source and some other factors you want to know.

This is a business I have been doing for years now and all am saying is practical. Kenfarm is not one of those internet farmers. It our work and it soft work for us. The figure above are not abstractions but available in our Experimental farm blue print but because it our company sensitive document it not available online for free but for a cost. The document is meant for those who value information as a driving force to Bizness.

..Order for our suckers and we would be guiding you.


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