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How we salvage a delapidated palm tree plantation

This picture is showing kenfarm Manager on an inspection tour on a palm tree farm land which was in a bad shape and we were contracted to salvage the situation. We move to sight 2years ago, did our comprehensive soil test and realized the soil was compromised due to poor bulldozing of the farm land during land preparations.

However, we salvage the situation in the following steps
1. We did soil test to check for the level of nutrient
2. We did a head count to check the mortality rate
3. We employ permanent workers to man the weeding
4. We fist commence weeding of the entire farm and when the weeding was completed we proceed to counting the number of palm standing and those dead. We ordered for more palm of 1year replanted (for best method of planting, contact kenfarm) and the commence the application of fertilizer (for the most potent method of applying fertilizer consult kenfarm)
At the end of all these operation and more not mentioned, the palm plantation revived and started looking fresh with very greenish leaves.
For your free info on fertilizer read the below Info

Special Purpose Fertilizers & more reason for soil analysis

Special purpose fertilizers are primarily used in the small fruit and nursery industries. When shopping for fertilizer, you will find that some are packaged for very specific uses, such as blueberry food. The blueberry (sometimes called rhododendron or azalea fertilizer) food is one example of these specialty materials and belongs to an old, established group, the acid-plant foods.

Some of the compounds (ammonium sulfate is usually the acidifying ingredient) used in these fertilizers are chosen because they have an acid reaction and may benefit acidloving plants when the soil pH is too high. These materials are appropriate for use when small-fruit producers are trying to slowly lower the soil pH in an established blueberry orchard that is showing symptoms of iron deficiency due to the effects of a high soil pH.

They are often used in combination with dilute foliar sprays of iron or soil applications of iron chelates. These materials are usually applied at a rate that will meet the nitrogen requirement of the orchard for that season. Once the soil pH is lowered to the desired level, the producer should switch to a less acidifying nitrogen source such as urea or ammonium nitrate.

Thus, without performing soil analysis on that farm land how do you ascertain best method of approaching your farm treatment. Some says the land is a virgin la7nd, and that it has not been put to use for over 50yrs. That is true. Such land is expected to be fertile. But have you forgotten in a haste that putting a soil to plant cultivation is not the only way through which your farm lose it fertility.

It may interest you to know that the following also destroy soil fertility:
1. Erosion: Erosion wash away the top soil which is rich in organic content there by exposing the top soil to high rate of era transpiration. It also wash away nutrients in the soil making the soil loose and lack essential nutrients. If the soil has not been put to use for 50yrs, have you been preventing erosion on the soil for 50yrs?
2. Poor organic content in the soil
3. High percentage of sand and low percentage of clay in the soil
4. Climatic condition of the farm location
5. Reduced Microbial activities on the soil as a result of intense bush burning during land preparation or due to unfavorable environmental condition.
6. Etc
Contact kenfarm for a detailed soil analysis 09091405861 or

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