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Please what is your advice about the use of weed killing chemicals to control weeds in a plantain plantation. If good and acceptable, what is the best chemical and approach to use

Thanks for the enquiry. Please copy and past the link above on your browser or click on it. It will direct you to my post on Nairaland explaining all the pre-planting and post planting operations including fertilizer application method and herbicide application method

But let me just advise that it better you apply herbicide 7day ago before planting. Weed is our great enemy now. How well you can control weed will reflect in the growth pattern of the sucker.

When the sucker is yet to sprout and the farm look taken over by weed. It more advisable to use hand weeding. If you must use herbicide, it must be a contact herbicide like Paraeforce which I use. Also, the herbicide must be applied with knapsack sprayer( how to use in in the post) by a professional. If carelessly applied on the farm with crop, if the chemical touch the crop leaf it will kill it

I need to reiterate that u should never use systemic herbicide on a farm with crop but use contact herbicide like Paraeforce...thanks

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