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Please in plantain plantation is irrigation of very important.
Can someone do without irrigation and do well in business.
and also explain more about mulching and how it is done.

Am responding to your Qs here because am sure the Qs & ANS are beneficial to my silent followers as well.

Irrigation it not very important to plantain plantation. As a matter of fact I have been cultivating without irrigation and my crops are doing great.
If you can not afford irrigation, then it best you start your planting after the 10th rainfall which mark the beginning the rainy season/planting season. The natural rain do your crop even better advantages than irrigation.
However, if you are not cultivating with irrigation, it means you will be planting your crop at the start of the rain along with plenty other farmers like you and therefore harvest when plenty other farmers like you are harvesting.

This means your crop will be available for sell when the crop is in great supply in the market and few demand. meaning if you do not do your home work well you may end up selling your crop at very low price due to the fact that your crop has flooded the market.

Nevertheless, if you use irrigation, you can cultivate any time of the year. You can cultivate your plantain with irrigation in December when all other farmers has stop cultivation and harvest in September/November the following year which is the period when the plantain is in short supply to the market.

in such case you are likely going to make Triple profit. I guess u can see the benefit of irrigation and irrelevance of it

Mulching: it an agricultural practise that is use to control weed, increase moisture of the soil and reduce evaporation/ transpiration

it simply done by using either leaf or mulching Capet to cover the farm soil after weeding. by so doing, the weed will be denied of photosynthesis and sunlight so that the growth will be slow.

when the weed stop competing with your crop, u know what that means. And when moisture is sustained in your soil, u know what that means. And when transpiration is reduced u know what that means......all to your advantage

I hope this helps


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