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10 tips to consider when planting sucker in the dry season

Establishing of plantain plantation in the dry season can be done only by an experience plantain farmer because of the sensitive nature of the operations involve.

Useful tips:

1. Just after harvesting the sucker, you must wet the socket intermetently till you eventually plant. Spread out the suckers before wetting or heap them in 200s before wetting to ensure that the water touches all the sucker.

2. You must ensure you plant the sucker not more than 96 hours after harvesting the sucker. Also ensure the hole are not less than 30cm and create a pot hole round the sucker after planting. The pot hole hold water during wetting.

3. After planting, wetting of the sucker must follow. When wetting ensure that the water soakes down into the soil at least 5-7cm deep. This can be confirmed by digging into the soil after wetting to check for the dept of the wetness

4. Where manure is available, plant with manure using subversive application. The manure will increase the organic content of the soil there by ensuring the soil remain averagely moist over the dry season. Also, Namatodes attack is more common during the dry season so when you apply Manure during planting the manure will reduce the tendency for Namotode attack.

5. Wet morning and evening daily for at least 8-12weeks where wetting can is used. Where irrigation is used, wet once daily for 6weeks

6. Ensure you employ staff to man the farm for the wetting

7. Use a 2m by 2m spacing to ensure good ventilation

8. Cultivate viable suckers. A viable sucker is a sucker that was harvested a day ago(fresh sucker), a sucker that is not too thin but big with enough internal water, a sucker that is hybrid and a sucker that is not rotten

9. Visit the farm as often as possible yourself to ensure your workers are wetting appropriately do not base your judgment or decision on what they tell you on phone. It your investment and you need to double check all info sent to you

10. Pray for your farm.

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